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For bees that nest in the ground, call on our expert bee removal services.

When most people think of bees, they think of big hives high in a tree. When these hives are in problematic areas, removing them may be precarious, but it’s a relatively straightforward goal to relocate the hive. But what about when bee nests aren’t so obvious? When bees nest in the ground, removal becomes more complex. That’s where our expert bee removal services come in at Florida Bee Removal.

Bees Nest in Ground Removal in Cape Coral, Florida

While bees that nest underground can create a hazard on your property, they play an important role in pollination like their hive-dwelling cousins. It’s important to note that different species of ground-nesting bees, wasps, and hornets vary in their levels of aggression towards people. While yellow jackets tend to be more aggressive, ground-nesting bees are not unless thoroughly provoked. These types of bees are much more likely to help your garden than they are to hurt you.

Still, for some bees that nest in ground, removal is the best course of action. When this is the case, our team first assesses the species of insect we’re dealing with. Ground-nesting stinging bugs like bees and hornets have various burrowing habits and configurations. Implementing a removal approach tailored to each species will ensure their nest is adequately eliminated.

Once we’ve successfully removed ground-nesting bees, creating unfavorable soil conditions is an easy way to dissuade their return. If you need help with bees that nest in ground removal, our knowledgeable and experienced team can help. We service properties throughout Cape Coral, Florida, and we are passionate about helping our customers manage bee populations around their properties so they get their yards back and the bees can thrive elsewhere.

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