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Our humane bee removal specialists will get the bees off your property and move them to a safer area.

While many people fear or dislike insects, most can make an exception for species that play a vital role in maintaining the environment, such as bees. While we at Florida Bee Removal certainly understand that you don’t want bees in or near your home, where they can potentially harm you or your family, we also encourage you not to turn to a traditional exterminator when it comes to bee problems. Instead, we can offer humane bee removal services that will get the insects off your property and prevent them from coming back, while also keeping the bees alive so that they can be relocated to an area where they can do their job without putting anyone at risk.

Humane Bee Removal in Hillsborough County, Florida

While some people may be tempted to try removing the bees themselves, we at Florida Bee Removal urge you to leave this procedure to the experts. Humane bee removal is a delicate process that requires specialized safety gear and training to do effectively. Bee sting allergies can continue to develop even late in life, long after your first exposure to their venom, so don’t assume that you’ll be safe just because bee stings haven’t troubled you before. Our team is committed to preserving these pollinators whenever possible, but we also recognize that they pose a safety risk and encourage you to do the same.

We at Florida Bee Removal are proud to serve the Hillsborough County, Florida community, and we want to help you rid your property of bees without exterminating them. If you have a bee problem, we encourage you to call our team for humane bee removal services.

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