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Call on us for prompt bee removal services.

Bee Removal in Tampa, FloridaIt used to be that it was relatively easy to locate someone to help you if you needed be removal at your Tampa, Florida home or business. You simply found one of the local beekeepers, gave them a call, and they were more than happy to come and collect the bees and add them to their endeavors. However, you may have noticed that the majority of beekeepers out there are more interested in pollination and honey production either as a hobby or to support agriculture in the area. That doesn’t mean you are without options if you are having a bee problem.

With our 50+ years of industry experience, you and the bees on your property are in capable hands.

Here at Florida Bee Removal we have the same passion for bees in our family business that began with our grandfather a very long time ago. Recognizing that the options for bee removal were diminishing even back a few decades ago, we decided to fill that vacancy.

Today, 55+ years later, we deal with 300 to 400 bee removal situations every month. We perform our services keeping safety in mind for those in the area and also to protect your property. We have the experience to deal with swarms of any size and can remove honeycombs from structures even in hard-to-reach places.

As licensed and insured bee control professionals, you can count on us for proper bee management services, including complementary bee control assessments, emergency bee management, and onsite inspections that will give you peace of mind that your property isn’t harboring a problem with any type of stinging insect.

If you have any questions about bee removal services for your home or business, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Don’t let bees, wasps, hornets, yellowjackets, and other stinging insects pose a risk to you, your family, and other guests to your property. Call us today for prompt solutions to your problem.

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