Bee Relocation: What It Is and How
It Works

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While there are many people who don’t like insects, most can still recognize the important role that some of them play in our environment. Some of the most important insects in that regard are bees, which are essential to crop pollination. Here at Florida Bee Removal, we understand the importance of bees to the ecosystem, but we also recognize that very few people want to put up with bees inside their homes. Our team offers bee relocation services to remove invasive bees from your property and give them a better home where they can do more good.

Bee Relocation: What It Is and How It Works

Just as the name implies, bee relocation is a service that captures bee colonies and moves them to a new location, getting rid of your bee problem without killing the bees in question. The first step in bee relocation is to find the hive, which is typically done by using a stethoscope against the walls. Once we have located the bees, our team at Florida Bee Removal will open the area as much as necessary, soothe the bees with smoke, and gently move them and their combs into a hive box. We’ll take the new colony to a more appropriate home, as well as clean out the remains of the hive and restore the site to its undamaged state.

Bee relocation is a more environmentally friendly way to deal with a bee infestation than traditional extermination. Our team at Florida Bee Removal will ensure that your home is returned to its true, bee-free glory, while also giving these important pollinators a chance to continue doing their job.