Bee Removal and Relocation Vs. Extermination [infographic]

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When you have unwanted bees, there are several methods that can be used to remove them. Two of the most common methods are bee removal and relocation or extermination. Whenever possible, we utilize bee removal and relocation instead of extermination. Some of the reasons we opt for bee removal and relocation are:

  • Deterrent to Future Bees – Did you know that when a beehive is destroyed, wax is left behind? That wax is attractive to other bees. So, after you have destroyed and removed the beehive, new ones will be drawn in and will likely make a new beehive. The best way to prevent this from happening is carefully preserving and moving the beehive to a new location.

Bee Removal and Relocation Vs. Extermination

  • Preserve Bees – Bees have an important job in the world. When you choose bee removal and relocation, you are preserving bees that serve a vital function in our ecosystem through their work in pollination, and you also save generations of future bees.
  • Chemical Free – Choosing to remove the bees through relocation is the chemical-free option. The chemicals used to exterminate a beehive are toxic and can be harmful to humans and other organisms.
  • No Harm – The process of bee removal and relocation is harmless to the bees. A harmless vacuum is used to remove bees, and we can then safely release them in a new location where they can live in peace.

Why Humane Bee Removal & Relocation is Best for Clearing Beehives [infographic]

If you need bee removal and relocation, be sure to give us a call at Florida Bee Removal. Our specialized bee experts are well trained in how to best remove bees and beehives. We pride ourselves on our customers’ satisfaction. We want to help you keep your home and property safe and beehive free.