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Since bees are stinging insects, it’s a common insect that people are afraid of. Bee stings can be painful, especially if you’re allergic to them. It’s common for people to swat at a bee and scream and try to run away. However, that’s not necessarily an appropriate reaction. Here are the best tips for how to avoid bees and what to do when facing bee swarms.

navigate your way around bees and avoid bee swarms

  • Wear Light Colors – If you want to avoid bees from being attracted to you, it is advised to wear light colored clothing. Bees notice a threat in dark colored animals such as bears and other dark colored mammals. Light colors will indicate to a bee that you aren’t a threat.
  • Notice Bee Behavior – If a bee starts to buzz around you, they likely see you as a threat and are trying to warn you. it’s best not to swat it away. Simply walk away and the bee will typically move on.
  • Don’t Disturb a Nest – This goes without saying, but never disturb a bee nest. If you notice a swarm of bees that is around a tree, going in and out of a rock crevice, or a visible hive along a building, leave immediately. If you disturb the nest, it will provoke the bees and they will get defensive, which will result in getting stung.
  • What to Do – If you happen to accidentally disturb a nest, and bees begin to swarm around you and you can’t seem to get away, here’s what to do. Try your best to get in some kind of enclosed shelter that is away from the beehive. Additionally, cover your face without impairing your vision (if possible) to protect your face from getting stung. Never jump into water to get away from bees — they will hover over the water and wait for you to come back up and will attack.

Bee Safety: How to Avoid & React to Bee Swarms

We hope these tips will help you navigate your way around bees and avoid bee swarms. If you have any questions regarding bee safety or the services we provide, please contact us at Florida Bee Removal today.