Honeybee Relocation Along Florida's Highland Ridge

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Late December 2018 was warmer and wetter than usual. These conditions have promoted lush vegetation growth, which has produced early nectar and pollen foraging for bees. Honeybee colonies are building up large numbers of workers to take full advantage of the anticipated citrus nectar flow in early spring.

Honeybee Relocation Along Florida's Highland Ridge

Thousands of beehives will soon be placed near the orange groves of The Highland Ridge (often called The Lake Wales Ridge). This elevated region stretches from Clermont to Lake Placid. Homes and businesses located along the Ridge are subject to infestation by reproductive honeybee swarms. Bee swarms may colonize hollow trees, structural walls, soffits, electrical pedestals, shed floors, flower pots, or most any suitable void. Bee swarms sometimes build elaborate beeswax nests, exposed on tree limbs or structural overhangs.

Spring honeybee swarms begin to appear around late February. Ridge cities that may get swarming include Clermont, Minneola, Haines City, Winter Haven, Dundee, Lake Wales, Avon Park, Sebring, and Lake Placid.

Most swarms can be relocated to bee farms alive. For service in Polk, Highlands, and Lake Counties, please contact us at Florida Bee Removal.

“A cool breeze greets the fiery sunrise across the green swamp. The river woods are aglow with red and golden maple blossoms. Soon, the scent of orange nectar will herald the arrival of spring. Florida Bee Removal will arise to the call of new bee adventures.” – Raymond Mills, Beekeeper