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If you have a bee problem, you have two options—you can hire a traditional exterminator to kill the bees, or you can have bee removal experts capture the colony and relocate it somewhere else. At Florida Bee Removal, we prefer to use the second approach. Live bee removal offers several benefits over traditional extermination, and in this article, we’ll go over a few reasons why we encourage you to use this service.

Reasons to Use Live Bee Removal Services

• Conserve Bee Populations – One reason why we recommend using live bee removal services is because it’s better for the ecosystem. Bees are important pollinators, and unfortunately their numbers are in decline. By having our team remove the bees from your home rather than killing them, you can do your part to conserve these important insects.

• Avoid Chemical Pesticides – Another reason to use live bee removal services is because they require no pesticides. Many chemical pesticides can have harmful effects on not just the insects they target, but also on local songbirds (who eat the affected insects) and other wildlife, as well as on your pets and even children. By using our live bee removal services, you can avoid introducing these chemicals into your environment and keep your local ecosystem and household safer.

• Prevent Future Infestations – Using live bee removal services can also help protect your home from future bee infestations. Our methods of bee removal leave behind some traces of wax from the hive, and other bee swarms will be able to smell it, which will encourage them to make their new colonies somewhere else.