Signs That You Need Honey Bee Removal Services

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We at Florida Bee Removal believe that you deserve to be comfortable in your own home, and that means you shouldn’t have to share your space with any unwanted insect visitors. Our team understands that even insects that people generally feel positively towards for their beneficial role in the ecosystem, such as honey bees, tend to make for bad houseguests, and we offer expert services to help you get them out of your home. Of course, a honey bee infestation is not always obvious, so to help you get this kind of problem taken care of as soon as possible, we have put together the following list of signs that you need honey bee removal services. If you notice any of these things happening to your home, you should give us a call right away to get our team on the job.

Signs That You Need Honey Bee Removal Services

  • There are More Bees Around. One sign that you may have a honey bee problem is simply that there are more bees active around your home than usual. If you notice that there are lots of bees flying around your property when there are usually not very many, then we encourage you to give our team a call–we can inspect your property to identify the source of the issue and provide the honey bee removal services that you need.
  • There’s an Active Hive. Another indicator that you need honey bee removal is the presence of an active hive on your property. You’ll know the hive is active if there are bees going in and out of it, but even if it looks abandoned, you shouldn’t touch it just in case it’s not. Instead, call our team to have us take care of it for you.
  • Your Walls are Dripping Honey. A third, unmistakable, sign that you need honey bee removal services is dark, sticky spots appearing on your walls or ceiling–that sticky substance is honey leaking out of the comb, and it means that you definitely have a bee infestation. Our team can remove the bees safely and clean up afterwards, restoring your home to its former glory.