What Exactly Are Bee Swarms?

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You’ve heard of bee swarms, and you can probably picture what they look like even if you’ve never seen one in real life before. But what are they, exactly? Is a swarm just a large group of bees? And what is a “large” group? Today, we’re covering bee swarms, including what they are and what you should know about them.

What Exactly Are Bee Swarms?

Bee swarms may contain anywhere from several hundred to several thousand bees. So, you can understand why thinking about bee swarms in terms of size isn’t all that relevant to what they actually are. The term “swarm” doesn’t actually have anything to do with the size of a bee population; it has to do with their reproduction.

When bees swarm, usually in the spring, it means that a colony is running out of room in the hive due to an increase in their population. The colony will split into two or more separate colonies, and the scout bees will go out in search of new living quarters. Suitable places they might take over could include bushes, trees, eaves of homes or buildings, or other quiet, safe locations.

Despite what you may have seen in movies, bee swarms are not extremely dangerous in most situations. Swarming bees that are away from their former hive are less defensive and less likely to sting. However, there is still risk present, especially if you have a bee allergy, so you should call professionals for bee removal services if you’re concerned about the swarm’s presence near your property.

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