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“I noticed bees going in and out around the roof area of my second-story townhouse, so I immediately called a few companies in the area to come assess my issue. The first company refused to come to my home and gave me an enormous price over the phone without even looking at it! Thankfully, I called Florida Bee Removal. Tina was so kind and informative and offered to send someone to my home. Joe immediately called me and made the appointment for the same day! He was so knowledgeable and friendly, and he took his time assessing my situation. He carefully explained the process of removing the bees and the nest of honey from my home. He provided a very fair price, and I immediately hired him. He went straight to work and resolved my issue in the same visit. I hope to never have bees again, but if it happens, I will not hesitate to call this company again. Highly recommended!”

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– Alex W. (Google review)

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