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“I am in the property management field, and this was the first time I have used this company. The were very responsive and stayed in constant communication, updating all the way through the process. They were able to do the job efficiently and were extremely friendly. It was nice to work with a company that you didn’t feel like you were gouged on the services since this is their specialty and there are not a lot of providers of these services, at least not with this level of customer service.”
-Jennifer, Brandon, FL

“Great people and very knowledgeable in what they do!”
-Amber E.

“This will be the second time that I have used this company for a bee removal. I called in the morning, and they were here in the afternoon. Quick, friendly, reasonably priced and efficient. Joe, the technician, was sure to explain everything that was going on and made sure we were satisfied before leaving. He was very friendly. Great company and great service.”
-Shannon M.

“Joe was very knowledgeable and informed us of what procedures he would take to address the bee problem. We were so fortunate to have called this company and will use them again if needed. We recommend their services. Once again, thank you, Joe, for a job well done.”
-Sylvia G.

“Very responsive, come when they say they will, do the job efficiently and friendly too. Unfortunately, yellow jackets seem to like my property and I can’t do the eradication myself. I have used Florida Bee Removal several times and have been very pleased with the service.”
-D. Saunders

“I couldn’t have called a better bee removal company! Very professional, and they get the job done right the first time.”
-Austin T.

“Very responsive! Came out next day to deal with a yellow jacket nest. Fast and effective! No more yellow jackets! Awesome people to deal with. You won’t be disappointed!”
-Tony D

“Great and immediate service. Joe came out the next day, removed a huge hive, and saved the queen and many bees for relocation. Shared lots of bee information. After a few days, I still noticed bees hanging around the old hive location. They came out, assured me there were no issues and treated the area again to satisfy my concerns.”

“They came out the same day we found a yellow jacket nest. They were awesome! I would recommend them to anyone looking to have a nest removed.”
-Shari L.

“On Wednesday, I called and got several estimates to remove a large hornet’s nest in a tree in my back yard. I was immediately impressed by the lady who answered the phone — very personable, friendly, sympathetic, etc., and I felt very comfortable with the company right away. She was willing to send someone that day, but due to a conflict in my schedule, we set it for the next morning. The technician returned my call right away to set the appointment and was very accommodating to my schedule. He showed up on time, was very friendly and made me feel very at ease with the process. He worked quickly and thoroughly, and he was a pleasure to work with. It was a very good experience!!”
– Anonymous

“The provider was very professional, congenial and punctual. He allowed me to watch from a distance and explained in detail his processes used to remove the hive. He assured me of the eco-friendly safeness of the mixtures he used in destroying the hive. I really appreciated attention to detail and personal welfare, along with his professionalism. He worked in very specific steps: 1) Determine the location of the nest, and its entry. 2) As the yellow jackets were swarming, he sprayed the nest with an eco-friendly liquid mixture that would suffocate the yellow jackets but would not destroy any plants or foliage. 3) He cut and dug out the any existing hive located on top and below the ground. 4) He finished off any existing yellow jackets swarming around the hive by catching them with a sticky contact board.”
– Anonymous

“LARGE yellow jacket nest in my Canary Island date palm. Stan was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. 90-day guarantee, and nest is gone! Very happy, and will use if I ever need their services again.”
– Anonymous

“I can’t recommend Florida Bee Removal enough. They do excellent work, but I most appreciate their kindness and attentiveness. I had a small emergency, and they worked with me to ensure the safety of someone who is allergic to bees. Thank you, Florida Bee Removal!!”

-Jonathan F.

“Boy, did these guys come in clutch today! Coming home to bees flying out of the fireplace wasn’t the way we thought our night was going to go, but Joe and his team got here in a timely manner, were very polite and knowledgeable, and assured us they would take care of our problem. And they did just that! We cannot say enough about these guys and are incredibly grateful for their help today!”

-Meghan M.

“Raymond came out pretty quickly and completely communicated the price and stuck to it. Money well spent. They came over and were super friendly and spent time educating us and our homeschooled kids on bee behavior. They got the queen with the hive and relocated them for us. Great job, and I highly recommend them to anyone in the Tampa area.”

-Rob S.

“Wonderful company! We woke up this morning to multiple bees and wasps in our house and tons more swarming outside. We called Florida Bee Removal (and multiple other companies that didn’t answer or return our calls) and they said they’d be here in an hour (on a Sunday!). Joseph got here (even sooner than he said) and was professional, friendly, and thorough. They also didn’t charge an arm and a leg. They were actually very cheap. I’m so impressed with the entire experience and the fact that they took time from their family on a Sunday morning to come help us in our time of need! I wish they did all pest control! I’d use them for everything if I could!”

-Regan S.

“Wonderful, family-owned company. A real pleasure to have met Raymond. He came right out and took care of our yellow jacket problem! I would recommend them forever.”

-T. Adam

“I had a terrible problem with a hive under my mobile home. I called Raymond, who arrived in 1 hour and took care of my problem. He worked like a trojan for several hours, and no more bees. The price was reasonable, and Raymond is a super nice guy. You will not go wrong with this company (but ask for Raymond). I HIGHLY recommend!!!”

-Tony D.

“I would like to share with everyone that I had a very phenomenal experience with Florida Bee Removal from my first phone call to Jessica, who was very professional, knowledgeable, and personable, to Joe, the actual technician who came out and did the service. Joe again was very knowledgeable, professional, and personable. I was able to watch and video the whole process. It was an educational moment for me. I just want to say thank you so much to the both of them, and I would highly recommend them to anybody who might need their services.”

-Tammy K.

“Jessica did a great job setting up an appointment same day!!! Joe arrived on time and took care of everything. Great service. No more yellow jacket problem.”


“A great service that was patient, swift, and great at communication. They were able to give us assurance and confidence that the problems and “stings” that we had experienced would be an issue only of the past. All in all, a good old company that knew what we needed. Experience matters. We are thankful and appreciative for their help.”

-Charles H.

“Thank you, Joseph, for your prompt arrival to eradicate the wasps from my residence. Everyone I dealt with at Florida Bee Removal gave me professional and courteous service. Plus, I learned about wasps today! Thank you from a happy customer!”


“Joe and Jessica came out to my home on a Saturday morning to remove a beehive that was in a wall of my home. Both were absolutely wonderful. Very knowledgeable and personable. Job was done right the first time, and 24 hours later, no sign of any bees. Thanks, guys.”

-John S.

“Raymond came out when my wife called about a swarm that was covering part of our house. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to deal with. Took care of the bees immediately, while trying to capture them first, and always explaining the processes and natural substances that he was utilizing. He even caulked the underside of our window after the bees were addressed to avoid any future entry. Highly recommended.”

-Geoffrey O.

“Raymond is a wonderful gentleman — a very delightful man to converse with and prompt in responding to the call for service. He tells you exactly what he will do and does it very efficiently. I am very happy to have met him, and I appreciate his bee-handling skills.”

-Robert K.

“Pleasure doing business with Raymond and appreciate the professionalism he brings. He was bee-friendly in capturing the bee swarm we had at our home. Comes with a lineup of bee jokes, but if I had to be a repeat customer, I would call Raymond again. ’Til next time… to “bee” continued.”

-Alberto C.

“Friendliest family-owned business you will ever deal with. Environmentally conscious and customer focused. Prompt, reliable service. I have done business with this company for over 8 years, and they are my go-to folks for anything bee or wasp related. Awesome sense of humor, too! Check out their site and give them a call. Tell Jessica and Raymond that you are buzzing with excitement!”

-Elizabeth O.

“I can’t say enough good things about this family-owned company! Their website is very informative and comprehensive, which prompted me to call them about a live relocation of a honeybee hive behind a shed on my property. When I called, Jessica, the owner’s granddaughter, answered and was also very professional, informative and pleasant. My service request was passed on to Andy, the tech, who called me back in less than five minutes and set up a time to come to my home. When he arrived, he was also very professional, informative and pleasant! He was genuinely concerned about relocating the hive and finished the job in a timely and efficient manner. He took everything with him that might possibly attract the bees back to the area and also used an all-natural repellent. The price was reasonable, and they give a guarantee in case the bees return. If I could give them ten stars, I would. They are the perfect example off all the reasons to support our local businesses. Thank you again. GREAT JOB!”

-Annette B.

“Raymond came on schedule. Friendly, professional and knows the business. Tried to capture them first.”

-Larry H.

“I was so impressed with this family-owned business. From the moment I called and spoke to Jessica, I knew we were in good hands. She gave me great customer service (even with nine children in tow at the Strawberry Festival). Raymond was at my house within one hour to take care of the bees. I was more than grateful, as I am allergic to bees and we were having roofers coming the next morning. Raymond was a joy to talk to. He has many stories, and his puns were great. Make sure you check out his poetry on the website. He is quite knowledgeable in his field and walked me through the process. I would highly recommend this company.”

-Sharon L.

“OMG! The best, nicest people to work with. We were referred to Florida Bee Removal from a different company and so glad. Jessica, who was super nice and friendly, was our first contact. She had her fiancé, Joe, come out the same day we called! Joe showed up, checked out the bees, scurried up to our second story and fixed the problem. He said it could take 5 days to work and to call if things did not clear up. So, 5 days later, Joe and Jessica came out and Joe finished the job! Great customer service, nicest people, and my new favorite company. Thank you!!!”

-Kate F.

“Called on a Sunday after kids discovered a hive in our backyard cable connection. The owner, Raymond, answered the call and said he’d have someone out the next day. Joseph called me Monday morning and kept in touch. Upon arrival, he explained the process and answered all questions. He showed concern for our pet pig and dogs during removal to keep them safe. The kids and I watched from the screened-in porch while Joseph went to work. Very professional, courteous and knowledgeable!  Price was as quoted, and we feel good knowing we saved a hive. Will definitely call the next time we need bee relocation!!  Highly recommend!”

-Jessica F.

“Leaving work one afternoon, I found myself with a swarm of bees on my car– talk about creepy! The management company for my office building was unable to get their pest control out until the next morning, so I was left to my own devices & began searching the internet. Lucky for me, I came across Florida Bee Removal (they were the first business out of the three I called that answered the phone) & was put in touch with Jorge. What a blessing he was, as he drove from Davie to Fort Lauderdale to take care of my bees. Jorge was very professional & didn’t for a minute seem put off that he was having to make a service call at 7pm; he was very friendly & answered all my questions & explained that once he trapped the bees, they would be shipped to the university in Gainesville for research. I can’t express enough how impressed I am with this business (& Jorge) & would recommend them to anyone who finds him/herself with a swarm of bees. You cannot go wrong with these guys. They are insured & serve most the state of Florida. One final note: Florida Bee Removal’s price was considerably less than what my management company was going to pay their pest control!”

-Karrie I.

“I came home from a trip to find dead or dying bees coming through an AC vent, and dead or dying bees around my pool area.  I called Florida Bee Removal and got in touch with Jorge.  This was on a holiday, and Jorge had the day off, but he took my call anyway, listened to my description of the situation, and scheduled a time to come by the next morning. Jorge arrived on time and took the time to explain what was happening. He kept me informed of his progress the whole time he was working. Jorge took care of the bees, cleaned the work area, and was generally fantastic. I can’t give him enough praise.”

-Jennifer W.