Tips for Humane Bee Removal

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Bees are some of the most important bugs on our planet.  They work hard to transport pollen to flowers, fruits and vegetables. They are crucial to our food crops and are also the makers of delicious honey. If you find that you have a bee problem at your home or business, but do not want to solve the problem by killing the bees, check out our tips below for humane bee removal.

Tips for Humane Bee Removal

Our first tip would be to hire a professional, or even a beekeeper for a humane bee removal solution.  Professionals and beekeepers have the tools and know-how to move bees without killing them and keep the hive intact.  This is done by cutting out the honeycomb and transferring the honeycomb to a hive box.  From there a beekeeper can help the bees and the beehive thrive in their new, safe environment.

Second, work with your local community for a humane bee removal option. Many communities of bee enthusiasts have local beekeeping associations that can provide many options for humane bee removal as well as beekeepers who would be interested in having the beehive you are looking to remove.

Lastly, consider not removing the beehive from your property.  The most humane form of bee removal is no bee removal.  If the bees are not causing you too much stress, they can actually be a great benefit to you, your yard and your garden.

Give us a call today at Florida Bee Removal — we can assist you with all of your bee removal needs.  Our team of experts is highly trained in humane bee removal and can ensure that the bees are removed and even relocated in the safest way possible.