Top 3 Tips for Bee Nest Removal

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If you are experiencing a bee problem, you want the bees gone fast and gone for good.  If you are experiencing a bee problem, and want some professional tips, check out our top three bee nest removal tips below.

Top 3 Tips for Bee Nest Removal

  1. Find the Source- To eliminate the bees, you first have to find the source. Bees nests are often found in corners and cracks of structures, in trees, and in bushes. In extreme cases, bees can nest in attics, floorboards, and inside of walls. You can identify a nest in these locations by the black stains they leave on walls, floors and ceilings.  Bees are much less active when it is very cool or very hot, so you can plan your nest search during these times.
  1. Remove the Nest- Bee nest removal is essential to getting rid of bees. Oftentimes, homeowners will kill the bees, but not fully remove the nests. Bees that survive reproduce, and before you know it you have a bee problem again. Remove or relocate the entire nest for successful bee nest removal.
  2. Protect Yourself- It is no secret that bees sting, and that bee stings hurt. Before starting your bee nest removal, ensure you are wearing the right protecting gear and clothing. This should include gloves and protective eyewear. Even with protective clothing, there is still a high risk of getting stung. If you are allergic to bees, do not attempt a bee nest removal and call a professional as soon as possible.

If you have a major bee problem and do not feel like the bee nest removal is something you can handle on your own, give a professional a call.