Top Beehive Removal Mistakes [infographic]

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Beehive removal is necessity if you are experiencing a bee infestation. Many, however, make mistakes with their beehive removal, which results in a painful sting and not fully eliminating the bees. Our team of experts has compiled the top beehive removal mistakes we see when out in the field.

Top Beehive Removal Mistakes

First off, many attempt their beehive removal without wearing proper protective gear. This is a must-do before any beehive removal to reduce the risk of bee stings.  When a beehive is removed, the bees will often swarm, fighting to sting the remover.  Ideally, any time you attempt beehive removal, a professional protective bee suit is the safest bet.

Top Beehive Removal Mistakes [infographic]

The second most common beehive removal mistake is to use harsh chemicals and pesticides. Bees provide many benefits to our food supply, so killing them with chemicals is not always the best beehive removal method. Consider using a solution with vinegar as opposed to a chemical solution.  Additionally, you can contact a local beekeeper to relocate the bees instead of simply killing them.

Lastly, the biggest mistake when it comes to beehive removal is not calling a professional first. Many homeowners attempt to remove the bees on their own, only to realize that they need professional help.  Calling a professional the first time can save you a lot of time and prevent painful stings.

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