Why Bee Relocation is Better than Extermination

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Here at Florida Bee Removal, we believe that you deserve to be comfortable in your home, and that means you shouldn’t have to share it with uninvited guests such as bees or other insects. If your home does develop a bee problem, there are generally two ways you can go about solving it–you can use traditional extermination services to eliminate the colony, or you can use bee relocation services to transport the bees to a more appropriate home. Our team specializes in the latter approach, and in this article, we will go over a few of the reasons why we believe that bee relocation is a better choice than extermination.

Why Bee Relocation is Better than Extermination

  • Bees are Increasingly Endangered. One reason that we strongly recommend bee relocation over extermination is that many species of bees are becoming endangered. Honey bees, for instance, are vulnerable to colony collapse disorder, which can destroy countless hives in very little time. Obviously, you shouldn’t have to live with a bee colony inside your walls, but you also shouldn’t kill that colony when it’s possible to have it relocated to a more suitable spot instead.
  • Bees are Vital to the Ecosystem. The other main reason why bee relocation is preferable to extermination is that bees play a vital role in the ecosystem, as they pollinate a wide variety of plants. Without bees to carry pollen from flower to flower, many of the foods we eat would not be able to grow, and many sources of food for wildlife would decline as well.