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We take a careful approach to bumblebee removal, applying our extensive experience for safety.

Bumblebees have fuzzy bodies with black and yellow stripes and are commonly found throughout the world. Their presence is vital to our ecosystem, as they aid in the pollination process that allows flowering plants to grow and produce a variety of foods and other items. But while the existence of bees is certainly important, having them take up residence at your home can be concerning. Since bumblebees can sting when threatened, they pose a threat, particularly to those who are allergic to their sting.

Bumblebee Removal in Cape Coral, Florida

At Florida Bee Removal, we specialize in bumblebee removal, along with the control of other stinging insects. We recommend bumblebee removal to those who have hives in or near their homes, as well as individuals who are allergic to bee stings and worried about spotting them in their outdoor spaces. Our services are available to clients located in and around Cape Coral, Florida.

We take a careful approach to bumblebee removal, applying our extensive experience for safety. When you contact us about the presence of bees in your yard, you can be sure that you’re bringing in experts who know how to get rid of these stinging creatures quickly and efficiently. We have worked in the industry for more than 50 years, and we understand what steps to take when removing bees. Our services also include relocation whenever it’s safe to do so, allowing the bees to continue to thrive while keeping them away from your home.

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