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Our expert team knows how to effectively handle carpenter bees for long-term control solutions.

Carpenter Bee Control in Cape Coral, Florida We love bees at Florida Bee Removal, and carpenter bees are amazing creatures. They play a pivotal role as precious pollinators in our ecosystem, and their incredible ability to bore into wood with precision and efficiency is pure craftsmanship. Of course, when your wooden structure bears the brunt of their handiwork, you probably don’t feel quite as inspired by their abilities. That’s why we help our customers handle these amazing bees with long-term carpenter bee control solutions.

Most people know that carpenter bees bore into wood to nest. While female carpenter bees can sting, they are not aggressive unless severely provoked. If you experience a big bee akin to a bumblebee pestering you by buzzing too close for comfort, those are often male carpenter bees who can’t sting, so they hover close to you as their only defense.

Their hovering habits and wood excavation tactics make them a true pest around your property. The key to carpenter bee control is to make your wooden structures as unappealing to the bees as possible while also preventing their return by filling holes, cracks, and previous nests. Using hardwoods and painting or varnishing the wood will deter carpenter bees, as can filling holes in the wood with steel wool or chalk. However, it’s important to wait for the bees to leave their nests in early spring, which can be as early as late February for Cape Coral, Florida.

Carpenter bees are necessary insects for our ecological balance, but that doesn’t mean they should have unreserved access to your wooden structures. If you need help with carpenter bee control, give our knowledgeable and trained team a call. We’ll assess your property and implement long-term solutions so you can finally live in harmony with carpenter bees.

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