3 Key Benefits of Bee Relocation Services

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Most people know that choosing bee relocation services over extermination is better for the pollinators and the ecosystem, but there are many other benefits to safely relocating the bees that aren’t so commonly known. Our team at Florida Bee Removal is happy to share the positive aspects of our bee relocation services, and in this blog, we’d like to share some lesser-known advantages of this eco-friendly technique.

3 Key Benefits of Bee Relocation Services

Here are a few key benefits of our bee relocation methods:

  1. No harsh chemicals: When you have an exterminator come to deal with your bee problem, they will likely use harsh chemicals and pesticides to resolve the issue for you. However, these chemicals can negatively affect your pets, family members, and your property. With bee relocation services, a little bit of smoke is often used to lull the bees rather than harsh chemicals, so you can fully enjoy the safety of your home and property.
  2. We don’t attract any more bees: Did you know that killing bees releases a pheromone that attracts more bees to your property? Even if the exterminator removes the empty nest after removing the bees, you could potentially have another beehive taking its place sooner than you would like. With bee relocation services, there won’t be any leftover pheromones to attract any more bees.
  3. No bees are harmed in the process: While you may think that the process of bee relocation might be hard on the beloved pollinators, no bees are harmed during the process, and we always relocate them to a safe location, such as a bee apiary where they can thrive in comfort, safety, and freedom.

If you need bee relocation services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today!