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If you have a beehive on your property, and you’re worried about it growing and endangering others, you should contact a professional immediately. Do not attempt to remove the hive yourself if you are not familiar or comfortable with handling beehives. In the case that you can’t call a professional, or while you’re waiting for someone to arrive, here’s everything you need to know about beehive removal.

everything you need to know about beehive removal

  • Space – First and foremost, give the bees space. If you crowd the bees and the beehive, the bees will get defensive and start stinging. Keeping your distance will prevent the bees from feeling provoked and reduce the chance of you or others getting stung.
  • Shelter Loved Ones – If you have a problematic beehive on your property, it’s important to shelter your animals and your loved ones to protect them from potentially getting stung. This is especially critical if you have any loved ones that are allergic to bee stings, as it can be extremely harmful.
  • Determine Where the Bees are Coming From – To help the professionals when they arrive, try to determine where the bees are coming from, especially if they are inside your home. If you locate the access point in which they entered, do not block it off, for that may lead to bees being in unwanted areas in your home.
  • Avoid Sprays or Traps – Sprays or traps, if used yourself could wind up making matters worse. Leave beehive removal techniques, traps, and sprays to the professionals to ensure that the bees are disposed of properly.
  • Remove Traces of The Hive – After proper steps are taken to remove the beehive, it’s important for all traces of the hive to be disposed of to ensure that bees don’t reoccur on your property.

Everything You Need to Know About Beehive Removal

We hope this information helps you in the beehive removal process. If you have any questions regarding beehive removal and the services we provide, please contact us at Florida Bee Removal today!