Florida Bee Removal-- Stories From The Hive: Nuisance Honeybees at Open-Air Bar

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Nuisance honeybees pose unique challenges when they appear as investigators or remnants of swarms and bee relocations. Bee investigators may search for new habitats or food sources.

Recently, Florida Bee Removal was called to resolve foraging bees at an open-air bar in Dunedin. I guess you could say that the bees were searching for “licker”. The bar was located on an upper floor with great views of the Gulf and surroundings. The structure formerly accommodated a Bible College. It has been converted to an exclusive resort offering top-class cuisine and housing. The food preparation center is open to the public.

Our team did a thorough search of the premises for possible honeybee hives. Since foragers are prominent, following a major honey flow (citrus blooming), it was determined that the licker-seeking bees were scavenging for all possible sources of food. A key element was the discovery that the foragers appeared only during the day. Their actual hive could have been up to 2 miles away. Spraying and trapping would only encourage more bees to come searching.

After considerable investigation, it was determined that the bar area should be screened off. This will prevent other flying insects from irritating customers without unduly obstructing the sea breeze and great view.

The Scottish Highlander games were in Dunedin on the day of our apian investigation. It was a Scotsman, Alexander Graham Bell (1876), who voiced those famous words, “Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you”. These words were heard clearly, by Watson, over a liquid transmitter. The age of the telephone had begun and life has been forever changed. So–call us with your bee issues at 727-484-2337.