How to Safely Handle a Bee Invasion

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As beneficial as bees are to the environment, you probably don’t want to have to deal with a bee invasion in your home or around your property. Bee stings are no fun and can be especially dangerous if you’re allergic to them, making a bee invasion a major concern. However, even if you don’t want bees around your property, you shouldn’t result to DIY methods of killing the bees or hiring an exterminator.

How to Safely Handle a Bee Invasion

If you want to prevent a bee invasion in your home, there are a couple of deterrents you can try:

  • Plant peppermint plants. Bees have a strong sense of smell. There are certain smells, like peppermint, that naturally deter bees without harming them. If you are worried about a bee problem, consider planting peppermint plants. The bees will smell the peppermint and choose to move elsewhere, helping to solve your bee problem without hurting them.
  • Spread cinnamon. Like peppermint, the smell of cinnamon is too strong for bees and will discourage them from lingering around your home. You can spread cinnamon around certain areas of your home where you’re noticing bees and it will gently encourage them to migrate somewhere else.

Of course, if you are already dealing with a bee invasion, the best way to handle it is to contact the professionals. However, you should always make sure to reach out to bee removal rather than bee extermination services. Bee removal services will gently yet effectively relocate bees to somewhere safe, getting rid of your bee problems without damaging the bee population.

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