How to Avoid a Bee Invasion [Infographic]

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Having bees invade your home or property could be your worst nightmare. Since bees pose a threat as a stinging insect, you’ll want to avoid them when possible. For the home, here are the top tips to prevent a bee invasion.

To prevent a bee invasion

  • Avoid Excess Flowers & Plants – Bees are attracted to honeysuckles, poppies, clovers, and herbs. However, don’t decide to throw out all your flowers and plants just yet. Just be careful about your placement. If your flowers are in a location that is great for nesting, the bees may do so.
  • Prevent Yard Nesting – You may not be able to help a bee nest from forming in a tree on your property. However, there are a few places in your yard that could be prevented. A shed, treehouse, or an outdoor grill is a prime place for bees to create a hive. To prevent a bee invasion, make sure your shed and treehouse is sealed properly, and your grill is covered.
  • Seal & Dispose of Garbage – Wasps specifically are attracted to human food. If you notice yellow insects buzzing around your garbage, they are likely wasps. To solve this issue, seal your food and dispose of your garbage in a sealed container.

How to Avoid a Bee Invasion

We hope these tips will help you prevent a bee invasion in your home or on your property. If you have any questions regarding bee invasions or the services we provide, please contact us at Florida Bee Removal today! We offer a natural bee repellant solution that we can use for customers who are sensitive to pesticides.