Practical Arguments for Humane Bee Removal

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Here at Florida Bee Removal, we specialize in removing bees from places where they’re not supposed to be, like your home, and relocating them to more appropriate locations. In our experience, many people choose to use our services because they care about animals and insects, but plenty of people who don’t care about bees at all have used our services. If you are looking for practical reasons to use humane bee removal services instead of simply calling an exterminator, keep reading.

Practical Arguments for Humane Bee Removal

• No Harmful Pesticides – One practical argument in favor of humane bee removal is that the process uses no pesticides, which means there is no risk of chemicals causing harm to you, your family, or your pets. If you are concerned about the side effects of pesticides, we encourage you to use our humane bee removal services instead.

• Environmental Benefits – Another practical reason to use humane bee removal rather than extermination services is because bees are important pollinators. All types of bees pollinate plants, which helps those plants reproduce and ensures both wildlife and humans will have enough new fruits, vegetables, and grains to eat. Extensive use of pesticides has led to a decline in bee populations, so we encourage you to use humane removal services to avoid depleting their numbers even further.

• Bee Deterrent – Lastly, using humane bee removal services can actually discourage bee swarms from targeting your home in the future. Our removal process leaves behind traces of wax from the original hive, so other bees will be able to smell the old hive and will therefore choose another location to establish their colony.