What is the Average Cost of Bee Removal?

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So, you’ve discovered that you have some bees (perhaps lots of bees) to remove from your property. How should you go about doing this? Your local exterminator could come and kill the bees but won’t assist with removing the structural components of the hive from your building. That WAS what seemed like the economical approach until you learned that straggler bees (bees that weren’t at home when the hive was destroyed) will come back searching for the signs of their new hive before returning to the old hive and that other bee swarms will probably come along, too. So you check with your insurance company to see if they will cover something like this, but they frequently don’t cover “gradual damage” such as the type insects will do, so you’re now left reaching really deep into your pockets, and wondering just how deep… Specifically, what is the average cost of bee removal?

A quick search online reveals that you shouldn’t spray them, but you may already know that isn’t the best approach. Such a search will also reveal that a professional service can vary in cost, depending on the specifics of your situation. Bees may have simply started a hive in an easy to access area under your eaves or in another spot on your property. In other cases, the bees may have claimed a more widespread area by taking over the inside of a wall in your home. This makes the process of trying to determine your cost for bee removal very difficult to do without some professional insight. As such, learning the average cost of bee removal may not be very helpful. The best approach is simply to bring in a reputable bee removal and relocation service to assess your situation, answer your questions, create a plan, and provide an estimate for implementing the necessary steps to safely and thoroughly remove the bees from your property.

Let Florida Bee Removal do better than the information from an ‘average cost of bee removal’ online search and contact us right away for an assessment and a quote of how we can help with your unique (and hopefully once-in-a-lifetime) live bee removal project!