What to Do When You Have Bees Nesting in Your House Walls

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Bees, especially honeybees, are an important part of our ecosystem. We want and need bees, but we do not want nor need bees nesting in our house walls. If you suspect that you have bees nesting in your house walls or you already know you do, follow these tips:

  • Call a Professional – The first thing to do when you suspect that bees are nesting in your walls is to call a professional bee removal company. To hire the best company in your area, be sure to look for a company with experience, good customer service, and proper licensure.

  • Wall Removal – Once the professionals have confirmed that you do indeed have bees nesting in your house walls, they will likely need to remove portions of your wall to gain access to the nest.
  • Remove Bees and Hive – The bees will be safely removed using a smoker and vacuum. This process will help to keep the bees alive and well. Next, the nest and all the bees will carefully be removed and relocated to a safe place.
  • Clean and Seal – The entire area will need to be cleaned with bleach or soap to ensure that all the honey and bee smells are removed. Not doing this may cause more bees to be attracted to the area. This area will need to be fully dried before the wall is sealed up again. Once the inside of the wall is all dry, the wall can be closed up and replaced.

Give us a call at Florida Bee Removal if you need help relocating bees that are nesting in your house walls.