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If you find bees on your property, call our team to get our effective and humane bee removal service.

While most people can agree that bees fill an essential role in our ecosystem and can appreciate the benefits they provide, everyone can also agree that they don’t want bees in or near their home. For one thing, beehives will create a sticky mess that can attract other insects. For another, having bees around will put your health at risk, as you can develop an allergy to bee stings well into adulthood without knowing it. If you discover that bees have invaded your sanctuary, our team at Florida Bee Removal can help. We provide professional bee removal service that will restore your home to its natural, bee-free state.

Bee Removal Service in Dunedin, Florida

We are committed to helping you keep bees away from your property while also keeping the colony alive whenever possible so that the bees can continue to help the local plant life flourish. Our team has over 57 years of experience in safely and humanely relocating bees while also making sure no bees ever trouble your home or business again. Once the bees are relocated, the next step in our bee removal service is to eliminate all traces of the hive so that no scent of it lingers to attract additional swarms in the future.

Our team here at Florida Bee Removal is proud to serve the Dunedin, Florida community, and we want to help you keep your home and family safe. If you find bees on your property, just give us a call to get effective bee removal service.

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