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If you spot an exposed beehive on your property, give us a call so we can talk to you about options.

One of the most common questions that property owners ask our team at Florida Bee Removal is whether it’s better to leave a beehive on their property or have it removed. Since bees have been in the news quite a bit lately, many people are worried about harming these insects, which play such an important role in our ecosystem. Although there are situations in which it’s okay to leave a beehive on your property, in most cases, we recommend removing it for your safety. It’s also important to have a beehive removed if you raise your own bees and want to protect them from potential harm.

Exposed Beehive in Orlando, Florida

An exposed beehive is one that you can see in your yard. Some types of bees build their hives or nests in hidden places, making them harder to see. If you spot an exposed beehive on your property, give us a call at Florida Bee Removal so we can talk to you about options. One of these options is to relocate the hive, which ensures that the bees can continue to thrive, but do so in a different location that doesn’t put your family members or visitors in harm’s way. Since many people are allergic to bee stings, having a large population of bees on your property can be dangerous. Bees may also sting your pets if they go outside and disturb the hive in some way.

For an exposed beehive, it’s always best to trust the professionals at Florida Bee Removal. Trying to remove a hive yourself is dangerous, so we’ll take care of this task for you and make sure your property and your loved ones are protected from the hazards of bees. Contact us today to learn more.

At Florida Bee Removal, we remove exposed beehives from properties in Lakeland, Clearwater, Miami, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Orlando, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Largo, Winter Haven, Lake Wales, Wesley Chapel, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Charlotte County, Polk County, Pinellas County, Hillsborough County, Marion County, Lake County, Lee County, Seminole County, Osceola County, Manatee County, Pasco County, and Orange County, Florida.