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Our honey bee removal services help keep these hardworking pollinators safe and happy.

Honey Bee Removal in Cape Coral, FloridaFlorida is home to over 300 documented species of bees, but perhaps the best-known and most endearing is the honey bee. These busy pollinators play a significant role in crop production across the globe and are beloved for the rich, sweet, golden honey they produce. However, if they stray onto your property uninvited and make themselves at home, it can spell trouble for everyone. Thankfully, if you’re located in the Cape Coral, Florida area, our team at Florida Bee Removal can provide the honey bee removal services you need to safely remove honey bees and get them to a home where they can thrive.

Most people imagine honey bees living in hollowed-out tree trunks like something out of a children’s storybook, but the truth is that honey bees are resourceful creatures that can make a home out of almost anything. Because they only need a small opening to serve as the entrance to their hive, people have discovered honey bees living in the eaves of their homes, barns, and sheds, and even behind the siding, within the walls, or in the attic. No matter where the hive has settled, contacting professionals for honey bee removal as soon as you notice them is the best way to handle the situation.

Our team has over 50 years of experience providing Cape Coral-area locals with safe, humane honey bee removal services. The goal is always to cause them as little stress as possible during the removal process and get them to a place where they can live happily and safely. Our honey bee removal services are also available for beekeepers who have a hive that has decided that the carefully prepared bee boxes aren’t as appealing of a home as the eaves of the garage or some other unsuitable place. No matter what your situation is, we will work with you to get the bees where they belong and keep everyone safe in the process.

To speak with someone about setting up a honey bee removal service, simply contact our team!

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