How to Prevent Bees Nesting in House Walls [infographic]

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Bees nesting in house walls can be more frustrating than bees nesting elsewhere primarily because of how close they are to you, your family, and your pets. Bee stings can be really painful, especially if you have a bee allergy, so preventing bee nests from forming in your home’s walls is a good idea. Here are some helpful tips for avoiding bees nesting in house walls.

What You Need to Know About Humane Bee Removal

  • Seal entrances that bees could get into. Caulking and other sealants around entry points in your home makes it much harder for bees to get into and nest in your home’s walls. Be sure to check areas you may not think about as much, such as your attic.
  • Dispose of any old honeycomb. If your house was previously a target for bees and their nests, remove any honeycomb and traces of former nests. Otherwise, the bees will likely try to come back and build another nest.
  • Clean up your yard and area around your house. For the areas around your home, make sure to move around lawn chairs, lawnmowers, or other items that could provide shelter to bees wanting to make a nest. Once bees establish an area around your home, they are more likely to try to travel indoors as well.

How to Prevent Bees Nesting in House Walls

If bees nesting in house walls have become a problem for you, reach out to us here at Florida Bee Removal. We can humanely remove the bees and give you more tips to prevent bee nests from forming in your home in the future.