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Bee control involves making your home less hospitable to bees and other stinging insects.

It is unfortunate when a swarm of bees has decided that some dark, deep recess of your Clearwater, Florida home is the perfect place to set up a hive and get the queen comfortable. If you have had this happen time and time again, it could be that your bee removal service didn’t employ bee control procedures to avoid it. Here at Florida Bee Removal, we humanely extricate bees from wherever they may have settled in, and then we thoroughly remove all traces of the hive, including the slight chemical trace (pheromones) that could attract future swarms.

Bee Control in Clearwater, Florida

Our team is experienced with bee control and can advise you about other things you can do to avoid bees and other stinging insects, such as blocking access points before swarming season begins. Bees only need a quarter of an inch opening to enter, so use screening, caulk, and other materials to seal any potential entry points. Another way to avoid bees is to reduce any outdoor clutter, such as unused lawn equipment or furniture, that the scout for a hive might find attractive.

It is also important to contact us when you first notice bees to avoid them growing to the point where they’ll split off a new swarm and give you a second location to contend with. In this regard, bee control to remove existing bees is an important step to avoid a larger problem.

If you have any questions regarding bee control for your Clearwater, Florida home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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