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We prioritize everyone’s safety, including the bees’, when we perform a bee removal service.

As we grow more and more ecologically conscious as a society, many people now understand that certain insects are a critical part of a healthy ecosystem and play an integral role in nature. One of the most hardworking and essential insects is the humble bee, with its many species and varieties. However, while most people appreciate bees’ valuable role in nature, that doesn’t mean you want your property to become overrun with them. When you discover that bees have taken up residence on your property, our team at Florida Bee Removal is here to provide the safe, humane bee removal services you need.

Humane Bee Removal in Cape Coral, Florida

Humane bee removal prioritizes safety for everyone involved, and the goal is to relocate them to a more suitable environment so that both the colony and your household are protected and can live in peace. The process varies depending on the type of bees that need to be removed, where the colony is located, and other factors. No matter what, you can count on our experienced team to work with you and take the appropriate action to remove the bees safely and humanely.

After a humane bee removal service, we even go a step further and clean the area where the colony made its home so that other bees do not smell the previous colony and decide to move in as soon as we remove the old one. Bees communicate through pheromones, so it’s important to clean the area and remove any trace scent that could entice a new colony to your property.

We always encourage people to contact us as soon as they become concerned about bees on their property, since it is highly inadvisable to attempt bee removal on your own. Our team has decades of experience performing humane bee removal services, and you can trust us to handle the task and keep both you and the bees safe. Reach out today to learn more or speak with someone about scheduling a humane bee removal at your Cape Coral, Florida, property.

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