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Our bee relocation services will give bee colonies a home of their own so they stay out of yours.

While people have different opinions about insects, just about everyone can agree that some of them play an important role in the ecosystem. Bees are an especially important family of insects in this regard, as they pollinate plants so that they can reproduce, including most of the fruits, vegetables, and grains we eat. In recent decades, the increased use of pesticides has taken a toll on bee populations and has many environmental scientists concerned. Because of this, if you find a bee colony on your property, we encourage you not to call an exterminator—instead, call our team at Florida Bee Removal for bee relocation services.

Bee Relocation in Dunedin, Florida

Here at Florida Bee Removal, our goal is to return your home to its natural, bee-free state without killing the colony and further reducing the population of these vital pollinators. As the name suggests, bee relocation is a process in which the bees are humanely captured so that they can be moved to a more appropriate home. Our team has over 57 years of experiencing relocating bees in this way, and we know how to take care of the colony while also protecting your home against future swarms. Once the bees are out, we’ll remove all traces of the hive so that no other bees smell it and get the wrong idea.

We at Florida Bee Removal are proud to serve the Dunedin, Florida community, and we want to help you stay safe from bee stings. If you find bees in or near your home, call our team to arrange for bee relocation services that will give these insects a home of their own.

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