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If you have a bee problem, our live bee removal services will get rid of it without harming these important pollinators.

When you find bees on your property, it is perfectly understandable to want them gone. Having a beehive in, on, or near your home can create a sticky mess that attracts other insects like ants, and the bees themselves pose a risk to your health, as bee venom can cause serious allergic reactions, and you can develop a bee allergy even well into adulthood. However, just because you don’t want them on your property doesn’t mean you should kill them. Bees play a vital role in our ecosystem, acting as pollinators that let plants reproduce. Here at Florida Bee Removal, we want to help you live without pests while also protecting these vital pollinators, which is why we offer live bee removal.

Live Bee Removal in Dunedin, Florida

Just as the name says, live bee removal will get rid of the bees on your property without killing them. Instead, our team here at Florida Bee Removal will safely collect all the bees so that they can be relocated to a more suitable location. Once the bees themselves are gone, we’ll eliminate all traces of the hive so that no lingering scent of it remains to attract future swarms. Our live bee removal services are a humane and effective way to keep bees out of your home or business.

We at Florida Bee Removal are proud to serve the Dunedin, Florida community, and we want to help you stay safe from bee stings while also doing our part to protect these important insects. If you find bees on your property, call our team to enlist our live bee removal services.

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