Benefits of Live Bee Removal

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live bee removal services allow bees to continue to do this work

Here in Florida, there are a multitude of insect pests that can invade your home. From serious problems like termites to smaller nuisances like ants or palmetto bugs, it is perfectly natural to want these insects out of your home. However, when it comes to insects like bees, we encourage you to consider live bee removal rather than calling an exterminator. While we at Florida Bee Removal understand that bees can be dangerous, especially to those with an allergy to them, they also play an important role in our environment. In this article, we’ll make a case for live bee removal by laying out some of the benefits of this approach.
  • Safety- Some people choose to exterminate bee colonies on their property because they think that it’s the safest approach. We at Florida Bee Removal can tell you that this is not true, as many exterminators don’t understand bee behavior well enough to prevent them from getting defensive and attacking. Our team, on the other hand, can easily remove the colony without provoking the bees, keeping you safe from their stings.
  • Effectiveness- Another benefit of live bee removal is its effectiveness. What many exterminators don’t know is that leaving even the smallest trace of the hive behind is likely to draw more bee swarms with the lingering scent of honey. As part of our removal services, we make sure to completely eliminate all remnants of the hive to prevent this problem, making us the better choice.
  • Environmental Impact- Even if you (understandably!) don’t want bees in your home, you can still appreciate the important role they play in our environment. Bees are essential to pollination, and without them, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy a large portion of the foods you eat. Our live bee removal services allow bees to continue to do this work, while also making sure that they stay far away from your family. If you want to get rid of bees without hurting the environment, call our team at Florida Bee Removal to come take them away.