Why Live Bee Removal is Important

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Bees do a lot for the planet, but that doesn’t mean you want to keep them around your property and risk getting stung. However, when it comes to bee removal, it’s important to go with live bee removal rather than killing them because of how valuable they are to the environment. There are many reasons why live bee removal is important.

Why Live Bee Removal is Important

For example, relocating the bees somewhere else lowers the chance that any bees will come back to your property after they’ve been removed. When a hive is destroyed, it can attract other bees, so a live bee removal service that takes the hive with them is far better.

Another reason that live bee removal is better than killing bees is that bees are already in danger of extinction. Killing more bees will only make the problem worse. Without the bee population, fruits and vegetables that you use such as strawberries, peas, and tomatoes that all rely on bees and their pollination efforts will go extinct. Live bee removal allows these bees to stay alive and continue to help cultivate fruits and vegetables without having them hang around your home or property.

Here at Florida Bee Removal, we are passionate about humane live bee removal, so we can help the bee population survive while still allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors without getting stung or swarmed by bees. If you have a bee problem but want to make sure the bees are being humanely removed, reach out to us today.